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The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

House during the day with gray color Single Family Home and construction man in yellow uniform walking on roof shingles and ladder during repair

The lifespan of a roof varies greatly depending on the workmanship and materials used. Environmental factors also play a significant role, with harsh winters or high humidity taking a toll on the condition of a roof. The third factor in roof longevity is maintenance. Regular roof repairs and inspections save a ton of time and money in the long run. If you're in Windsor or Southwestern Ontario, call on Quinn Roofing Solutions to come take a look at your residential or commercial roofing needs.

Here are five important reasons not to skip out on consistent roof maintenance.

  1. Warranty and Insurance Claims Save yourself from paying out of pocket for roof repairs. A roof inspection report is required in order to submit a warranty or insurance claim. A reputable roofing professional will also help you to determine if you should submit a claim in the first place.

  2. Storm Damage High winds, hail, sleet, snow, and other weather conditions commonly experienced in Southwestern Ontario can result in havoc to your roof. A roof inspection following a severe weather episode will uncover any resulting issues, such as leaks or damage from fallen branches. Water infiltration often occurs after a storm or an accumulation of snow. It requires immediate action so as not to cause significant damage. As it may take weeks for infiltration to result in a leak, a roof inspection is key to catching this problem early.

  3. Drainage and Cleaning Inadequate or clogged drainage results in standing water conditions on your roof, which should be prevented at all costs. A roof inspection may identify the need for an upgrade to your drainage system, as poor drainage degrades the overall quality of roofing materials over time.

  4. Natural Weathering and Aging Everything wears with age, and a roof is no different. An inspection at least once per year helps to catch and address small issues as they arise. Regardless of upkeep, nothing lasts forever. When it's time for a new roof, consider Quinn Roofing Solutions for revolutionary durability and energy efficiency.

  5. Most Importantly, Safety Roof inspections identify issues with the structural integrity of your building. Waterlogged wood or rusted steel framework is a safety hazard. An undiscovered leak leaves you susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents (and subsequent lawsuits if you are a business owner). There are also health risks associated with mould and mildew that arise from excess moisture and water infiltration. It can render a building uninhabitable.

Roof Repairs Now Save Money Later

Roof inspections are essentially a means of preventative maintenance. They allow you to nip small problems in the bud before they turn into a major headache (and expense). A minor roof repair at the onset of a problem can extend the overall lifespan of your roof. Contact the team at Quinn Roofing Solutions to schedule your next residential, commercial, or industrial roofing project. We provide free estimates for all jobs in Windsor and throughout Southwestern Ontario. You can always count on Quinn!



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