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Roof Repair Services in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario

A roofing system is prone to damage due to its constant exposure to extreme weather conditions. You might not be able to prevent damage from happening, but you can definitely avoid the need for roofing repair. If you haven’t checked the condition of your roof after installation, you should conduct regular inspections to identify existing problems. At Quinn Roofing Solutions, we offer reliable commercial roof repair services and residential roof replacements. If you spot any sign of leaking roofs or damage, call our experts for roof repairs in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario.


Call our roofing experts immediately if you notice the following signs of damaged roofs:

Poor installation
Roof vent problems
Snow and ice damage
Flashing problems
Hail and storm damage
Worn sealants

Commercial Roof Repairs

A roof serves one of the most important functions of protecting your building from all kinds of exterior elements, including wind, rain, and snow. Finding the right roofing contractor for your property is a critical factor to consider if you want to maintain the overall value of your property. Quinn Roofing Solutions offers quality roof installations in Windsor to ensure your business stays dry for years to come.


When it comes to businesses, a roof is one of the biggest investments. While a well-installed roof can last for decades, routine roof repairs and maintenance are essential to keep it in optimal working condition. Quinn Roofing Solutions provides preventive maintenance services and regular roof inspections to identify potential issues and help you save on costly repairs.

Signs You Need Roof Repairs

In many cases, you might ignore signs of damage on your roof. Ignoring the issue will worsen the problem and lead to the need for more extensive and expensive repairs or possibly a replacement later. Some commons signs and types of damage that affect commercial flat roofs and require repairs include:

Benefits of Professional Roofing Repair

You might have ignored roofing problems until a point where it requires a replacement or repair. Considering the age of your roof, you should take roofing problems seriously to avoid further damage. No matter what the problems are, it is advised to call professionals for help. Here are a few benefits of professional roofing repair:

Call Us Today to Repair Your Roof!

At Quinn Roofing Solutions, we offer all your roofing services, from repairs to new roof installations. You can browse through our roofing tips for more information.


Contact us today for roof repairs in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

At Quinn Roofing Solutions, we offer a range of roofing services, from repairs to new roof installations.

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