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How Often Should I Schedule Roof Maintenance?

Did you know that a roof lasts about 20 years on average? Regular roof maintenance is an important task to extend the lifespan of your roof. Taking care of your commercial building’s roof is crucial to keep your business running. If you're noticing problems or issues with your commercial roof, we're here to help. Read on for a quick guide on the importance of roof maintenance and how often you should schedule service.

Why Perform Roof Maintenance?

Anything exposed to the elements will need maintenance over time. This is especially true for roofs, which are exposed to wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions daily. Roof maintenance will help you fix issues that sprout throughout the year: cracks, weaker spots in the roof, and holes. Roof care is vital to ensuring the integrity of your roof. Beyond fixing current issues, roof maintenance can also help you prevent or spot these problems. You can spot damaged areas before they crumble or cave, potential places for holes, and more. Inspecting your commercial roofing will help you catch issues before they happen. That way, you can focus on fixing these issues before a more costly, significant issue occurs. Perform the proper maintenance so that you aren't performing repairs down the line.

Consequences of No Roof Maintenance

Failing to perform roof maintenance will make issues go unseen and unfixed. For example, if you don't spot damaged areas, the weaker spots can grow in size and collapse. Such problems can cause leaks, further damage, and other issues. Proper roof maintenance will increase profits by not allowing a significant issue to develop. Catching these problems before they occur prevents disaster, costly repairs, and shutting down the property.

How Often to Perform Commercial Roof Maintenance?

At a minimum, you should have your roof inspected at least once every year. For an annual inspection, the survey should look deeper than more frequent inspections. The reasoning is that more time has elapsed for problems to occur. We suggest that you have your roof inspected at least twice a year. These bi-annual inspections will help catch more issues and not make you go a year between inspections. That way, you can spot problems more frequently and fix them more quickly. With Canada’s four seasons, a bi-annual inspection can help ensure your roof is set up for cold winter weather and in good condition for warmer weather. These inspections should include searching for water damage, cracks, bends, and other common issues.

Maintenance for Commercial Roofing in Southwestern Ontario

Roof maintenance is crucial for commercial roofing to ensure that everything is functioning properly. A poorly maintained roof can cause safety issues, costly repairs, and further damage to your property. Ensure that you're performing proper roof care with bi-annual inspections to improve your roof's longevity. For expert commercial roof services and roofing maintenance, contact Quinn Roofing Solutions in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario for a quote.



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