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5 Risks of Postponing Commercial Roof Repair

water pooling on commercial roof

In 2020, 42 of Canada's 77 hurricanes occurred in Ontario, causing havoc for business owners like you. One of your primary concerns after a storm hits should be roof damage. Leaving a roof in bad condition could cause other significant issues to occur. Call a roofing company like Quinn Roofing Solutions as soon as possible for repairs. There are several risks that come with postponing or delaying your commercial roof repairs.

1.Water Damage and Leaks

Even minor damages to a commercial roof could lead to big problems like water damage. A weakened structure can lead to rainwater leaking into your building. Water damage may not be visible until it is too late when you experience a leak from your ceiling. That is why it is best to avoid the hazards of a leaking roof by getting it inspected. And, if one part of your roof is damaged, the water can spread, causing more areas to need repair. Water damage is a problem that costs you more money the longer you wait to repair your roof.

2.Pest Infestation

Leaving roof repairs undone after a storm or other occurrences could create tiny cracks and extra space in your structure. This additional room makes a perfect opportunity for pests to enter. Once pests enter your building, you have another issue besides a broken roof. Prevent a pest infestation by fixing your roof as soon as damage is suspected.

3.Structural Damage

Commercial roofing is more susceptible to sagging and collapsing than residential homes because they are large and usually flat. So, when it is also in need of repair, you increase your chances of structural building damage. Water isn't the only element that can affect the overall quality of your roof. Old or poor construction and mould could all contribute to a weak roof. Once you have structural damage, the cost exceeds traditional roof repair services. You now need to get your whole building inspected and fixed.

4.Reduce Building Value

A roof in disrepair is not only against Ontario's building maintenance regulations, but it also reduces the value of your property. If you plan to rent or sell the property, it will either be unappealing to buyers or you will need to subtract the cost of the roof repair to get tenants or entice a buyer. Fixing the roof immediately is the smart decision to increase the aesthetics of your property. You will likely see a return on investment for your roof repair as you avoid further damages and improve your selling potential.

Don't Delay Commercial Roof Repair

The worst thing you can do to a damaged roof is to wait to fix it. Getting a commercial roof repair is part of the regular maintenance of your building. An inspection is preventable maintenance, while a repair is essential to stop further damage. Get a free estimate from Quinn Roofing Solutions today to protect your property and investment in Windsor and throughout Southwestern Ontario.


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