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You appreciate the value of a quality job done safely. Quinn Roofing Solutions guarantees your satisfaction with our workmanship and high-quality roofing products, including Duro-Last®. Add to your existing roof’s working life and save repair costs with regular inspections and maintenance. Don’t wait to repair sudden leaks and weather damage. Call Quinn Roofing for fast 24-hour emergency services in Windsor and surrounding areas.

Entrust Your Business to Up-to-Date Roofing Systems

Quinn Roofing Solutions gives you not only the respected reputation of a family owned and operated business but also current technology for advanced commercial/industrial and residential roofing systems. Contact our staff for a consultation and free estimate for all of our roofing services, which include:

Energy-Saving TPO and PVC Roof Systems

These systems come in a large selection of attractive colours to add curb appeal with energy savings. You can have an energy-saving “green roof” when using a lighter colour of membrane because its reflective value increases during sunny summer days to reduce your cooling costs. TPO and PVC roof systems can give you low-maintenance service for 20 years or more.

Single-Ply Rubber Systems

Single-ply rubber roofing systems use membranes of rubber that is typically slate grey in colour. Quinn Roofing Solutions seals your roof’s details and joints with contact adhesives and tapes. Single-ply rubber systems give you the advantages of being economical and effective in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Modified Roofs

Modified bitumen roofs are commonly referred to as “torch-on” roofing. Modified roofs usually are a 2-ply system with a smooth surface base sheet and a torched-on, granulated cap sheet. Modified bitumen is a premium membrane designed to last up to 30 years or more.

Built-Up Roof Systems

These membranes consist of several layers of felt and tar – asphalt – and usually are covered with an embedment of gravel. Even though built-up roofing has been used traditionally for hundreds of years, you still find them on today’s buildings.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roof covering for sloped and residential roofs, these shingles gain their waterproofing from being saturated with asphalt. Offering protection from algae growth, asphalt shingles also resist discolouration. Using overlapping layers that seal, asphalt shingles are rated by tear value, which measures their ability to withstand uplift in strong winds.

Metal Roofing Coatings

Restore or preserve your metal roof with the right metal roofing coating for your residential or commercial roof. Quinn Roofing Solutions thoroughly cleans your metal roof before treatment so the primer and coating adhere perfectly. Not only will metal roofing coatings protect from leaks and rust, but the best brands also help you with energy savings.

Tear-Off Repairs

Beware of roofing contractors who want to shingle over your old roof. It won’t save you money in the long run. Instead get the repairs and new membrane, felt and flashing that will protect your roof from rain and wind. Quinn Roofing Solutions gives you expert tear-off and repairs to your roof’s decking for a worry-free re-roofing.

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